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Crating can be beneficial to both you and your dog!

You get peace of mind, and your buddy gets a place to call his own!

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Unlike with some other brands, investing in a SmithBuilt crate won’t break your bank!
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Thanks to superior materials and manufacturing, our crates are built to last forever.
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The included handle and ‘suitcase’ design make our crates incredibly easy to move.

About SmithBuilt

Founded in 2007, SmithBuilt is a family-owned company dedicated to bringing you high quality crates at perfectly reasonable prices. We’re here to support the price-conscious pet owner; no one should have to compromise between quality and affordability. We create products that you and your pet will love.


  • Dr. Gene Davis, DVM

    SmithBuilt Crates are the most economical, sturdy and good-looking crates I have ever used. We now have them throughout my practice, including in our overnight kennel. I even put my kids in them when they misbehave!

    —Dr. Gene Davis, DVM

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